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Youth as Media Users

Child mediascape and the beneficial and harmful effects of screen media on youth

Screen-Smart: Children in the Digital Age (Estimated Publication Date: November 2022)

Authors: Wonsun Shin and May O. Lwin

Our upcoming comic book “Screen Smart” (tentative), authored by two experts in children and media in collaboration with a cartoonist, will aim to enhance children’s understanding of screen media in a more accessible and entertaining way. Covering an extensive range of issues relating to children’s use of screen media, this book will educate young children how diverse types of screen media affect their daily lives, explain both bright and dark sides of screen media use, and help children make informed decisions regarding their media use. By providing a balanced discussion of both positive and negative aspects of screen media use and easy-to-follow tips in each chapter, this book will encourage children to make the most of the benefits provided by screen media and develop resilience to media-related risks.

Youth as Media Users: Research
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