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Dr. Regina Ahn

Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategic Communication, School of Communication, University of Miami

Dr. Regina Jihea Ahn is an assistant professor in the Department of Strategic Communication at University of Miami School of Communication. Dr. Ahn's primary research interests include media literacy and education, media socialization, parental mediation, and social media. Her research aims to help families and communities establish healthy media habits and critical thinking skills. Her research has been published in scholarly journals such as Journal of Advertising, Journal of Children and Media, Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, and Young Consumers.

Dr. Regina Ahn: Our Team

Recent Publications

Ahn, R. J. (2021). Exploration of Parental Advertising Literacy and Parental Mediation: Influencer Marketing of Media Character Toy and Merchandise, Journal of Advertising, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2021.1944935.

Ahn, R. J., Nelson, M. R., & Ferguson, G. M. (2020). Local and Standardized Strategies: A Content Analysis of Newspaper Food and Beverage Advertising in Jamaica. Newspaper Research Journal, 41(2), 179-203. DOI:10.1177/0739532920919828.

Nelson, M.R., Ahn, R. J., Ferguson, G.M., & Anderson, A. (2020). Consumer Exposure to Food and Beverage Advertising Out of Home: An Exploratory Case Study in Jamaica. International Journal of Consumer Studies. DOI:10.1111/ijcs.12563.

Dr. Regina Ahn: Our Team

Recent Ongoing Projects

Co-Principal Investigator – Food, Culture, and Health (FCH) Study: This study aims to understand the roles of acculturation and media in the nutrition of U.S. Black immigrant and refugee families.

Media Literacy Consultant – Media Literacy and Latinx Living with HIV: This study aims to explore how COVID-19 has affected Latinx people living with HIV (PLWH) and the larger Latino community. Later, team members plan to tailor and design an intervention program for the Latino community's media literacy and resilience.

Principal Investigator – Korean YouTube Kids Content Creators: The present study investigates the communication and content strategies of Korean YouTube Kids content creators, particularly the channels producing edutainment content for young children. We aim to understand how these content creators establish healthy relationships with their child and parent audience.

Dr. Regina Ahn: Our Team
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