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Dr. Laras Sekarasih

Lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, and Deputy director of research and innovation product management at Universitas Indonesia administration.

Dr. Laras Sekarasih received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research areas includemedia, children, and the family, the social psychology of media use, and media and the consumers. Her ongoing work examines how people assess source credibility during COVID-19 pandemic, and how people respond to unverified information and falsehoods on social media.

Dr. Laras Sekarasih: Our Team

Recent Publications

Sekarasih, L. (2020). Developmental Changes in Comprehension of Advertising. in van den Bulck, J., & Scharrer, E. (Ed.). International Encyclopedia of Media Psychology. New York, NY: Wiley.

Wardhani, P., & Sekarasih, L. (forthcoming). Parental Decisions on Sharing Their Children’s Private Information on Social Media among Families in Jakarta Area. Accepted at Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia.

Sekarasih, L., Scharrer, E., Olson, C., Onut, G. & Lanthorn, K. (2019) Effectiveness of a school-based media literacy curriculum in encouraging critical attitudes about advertising content and forms among boys and girls. Journal of Advertising, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2018.1545269

Conference and working papers:

Sekarasih, L., & Halida, R. Perceived Usefulness, Lack of Verification, and Intention to Share Messages on Social Media among Indonesian Muslims. Presented at International Congress of Psychology, July 2021.

Lestari, S., & Sekarasih, L. Surprising News, Gratification Sought, and Intention to Forward Messages on WhatsApp. Presented at the Inaugural AIFIS-MSU Conference on Indonesian Studies, June 2021.

Dr. Laras Sekarasih: Our Team
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